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I have an attitude,I’m not afraid to say i do. I’m what you call unafraid,I like to sail through. Im not temperementalAnd I’m not shy ,I do love staringLife in the eye. Take your hands of meAnd my thigh,Or else,Its … Continue reading

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The day dawns bright today,why am I so excited today,Happiness mixed with sorrow I feel,The heart yearns for those I cannot see. The people I love, so far away,Want to touch and feel them, Let them know how much I … Continue reading

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Beautiful Goa… Yes,But for how long??

I was emailed a link by a good pal of mine this morning. Going through the contents of the website was heartrending and definitely blood boiling.    It is a known fact that Goa, the tiny pearl of the Orient has … Continue reading

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London Snow!!

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Its snowing  in London, apparently, In one of my christmassy moods, I thought I’d bring up an old post. Here’s to a very white christmas! The typical tropical Indian lives in a perpetual hope of escaping the soaring climatic temperatures.Case … Continue reading

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Interpersonal space and the Indian perspective.

  I’ve often been told that the average Indian comes off as a tad bit rude. This is because of an ingrained nature to stare. We are a wide-eyed set of people. If we see something we fancy,we can’t help … Continue reading

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Christmas Mania.

Christmas Fever is in the air already! I’ve started seeing red and green everywhere. The greeting cards have been sent. My christmas diet(to fit into my new slinky black dress), is also underway. Do I daresay I’m having Christmas fever? … Continue reading

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Prayer for all…

Now there’s a little prayer I’d like to share with every one.Its a small one, simple words nothing to difficult to comprehend. (My mind like most people refuses to absorb more than 10 lines of english 🙂 ) Here it … Continue reading

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Do you Book Mooch?

I’ve been a regular book moocher for a while now, and all I can say is,I absolutely love this site. I’m writing this post to help out newbies on BookMooch(BM), as I was a newbie at one point of time … Continue reading

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Twists To The Famous Quote – IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE…."

  THE ORIGINAL QUOTE   If you love someone, Set her free… If she comes back, she’s yours, If she doesn’t, she never was….   THE NEW VERSIONS ARE…..   Pessimist: If you love someone, Set her free … If she ever … Continue reading

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