The small things in life that make me happy

I stopped to think,
one beautiful day,
In all of life’s grind,
and in all of life’s way,

Do i stop to realise,
the beauty around me?

So I sat and thought,
deeply reflected,
what are the things,
i find unexpected.

I love the first rain after a hot summer time,
the smell of wet mud is so sublime.

I love the feel of my love’s hand in mine,
the touch feels so divine.

I love when my friends say they care,
it makes my life light as air.

I love it when my mom smiles,
for that I could walk for miles.

I love giving a hug,
and I love cuddling under a rug.

I love my teddy and my bike,
and now I better take a Hike.

lol(I gots ta get back to work!)
SMILE! Its worth it!!

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