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Friends!! Aahh to be loved :)

@ -> Shot captured while goofing around (Starting at 6:0’clock position;and anti-clockwise) Kunsie,Ut and Me “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.” ~ Bernard Meltzer … Continue reading

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Meet Mr. Froggy

@ -> Shot captured at a lake near my place Wonder if he was my frog prince?? lol.. Silly Frog JokesWhat’s green with red spots?A frog with the chicken pox! What’s green with bumps?A frog with the measles! What kind … Continue reading

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What does it mean this word?To me, it is the downward turn of my lips,It is but a call from me to my love,that I am hurt. Why do i need this word?To me it indicates a feeling,A feeling that … Continue reading

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Attractive Marketing This!

@ -> Shot Taken in my Pad as soon as I ripped out the tags from my new Jeans 🙂 Nothing like a good Pat on the back when you do a good deed eh? You know, like helping a … Continue reading

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Images of Amchi Mumbai :P

@ -> Haggling the price of the Horsey Cart Ride! @ -> Shiny Disco Balls 🙂     @ -> Double Decker and loads and loads of Taxis  

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@ -> Shot Captured in the Back of a Bombay Taxi 🙂 Can you see the Lurrv?? Went to Bombay recently, to catch up with my pal of the good old days (we used to be inseparable in college!). Had … Continue reading

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