About Bees and Peas

Born without spots gets its name from an incident which happened in my not too distant past.

 1 Picnic spot + 1 part Pea Soup +  1 piece of useless trivia +  Couple of Bees = Recipe for disaster

  Needless to say, I steer clear of Pea soup, and will never forget that Dalmatians are born without spots!


 Who is the sapiens behind Bees and Peas..?

 Marishka, but you can call me Marie. 

 My favorite colors are pink and black which pretty much sums me up. 


 I’m opinionated, but I’m not.

 I love flowers, and goth.

 I love sunshine and the dark.

 I do things on a lark.

I’m air headed, pig-headed, mischievous me.



So grab a cuppa coffee or tea (or whatever…), and come be my friend. It’ll be great!

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