Christmas Mania.

Christmas Fever is in the air already!
I’ve started seeing red and green everywhere. The greeting cards have been sent. My christmas diet(to fit into my new slinky black dress), is also underway. Do I daresay I’m having Christmas fever?

Yes. This is my favorite time of the year! A time when my eyes glaze over, and I am transported to a magical dreamland. Here the people share greetings and blessings.
Everyone is happy and spends time together with one another. Christmas is such an amazing time.

I realise I’m gushing, but there’s nothing like spending quality time with your family, baking christmas sweets like a factory line up. 🙂
Mum rolls dough, brother cuts up into li’l pieces and sprinkles sugar frosting and I deep fry the sweets in oil.
What better way to spend time with friends caroling away in the neighbourhood. Never mind that Uncle Robert decides he’s an opera star and hits the high note, a tad late! 🙂
Ah! the list goes on and on. Drinking wine, eating cake, meeting friends and relatives after a long while, exchanging gifts, dancing away, singing merry carols.
But in your heart of hearts knowing and thanking the good lord, that in spite of all the hardships of life, there are small things that can bring so much pleasure, hope and happiness.

So to celebrate my Christmas mood. I’m going to post all my favorite christmassy things.

Stay Merry and be bright! Ho! Ho! HO!

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