Do you Book Mooch?

I’ve been a regular book moocher for a while now, and all I can say is,I absolutely love this site.
I’m writing this post to help out newbies on BookMooch(BM), as I was a newbie at one point of time and was helped out a lot.
After a shaky start, I’m now having a great time on BM. 

The Basics

BookMooch is a book swapping site where you can give away books you do not want and get books you do.
How you do this is pretty simple. The site allows members to create an inventory of books that they do not want, or would like to give away.
It also lets you create a wish list of the books you’d like to read.

BM has a simple point based system.
To start off, every book you add to your inventory gives you 1/10th of a point. (0.01)
So add 10 books you’d like to give away, and you’re ready to mooch your first book!

International mooches cost more in terms of points (2 instead of 1).

Every book you send out also gives you points, which come from the person requesting for the book.

Once the request comes in (someone has mooched a book from your inventory), It is good practice to respond back to the person, with details like when you are going to send out the book, if you’ve already sent it out, when they should expect it etc..

BM also rewards you for notifying the person you’ve mooched a book from that you have recieved your book with 1/10th of a point(0.01).

In addition, people on BM can reward you with points called smooches.

Tips and Tricks

  • Send International
    I’ve found international mooching and sending out very satisfying. I would recommend everyone to try it.
    Not only do you get 3 points (2 from the requestor and 1 from the system), you also make amazing friends.
    Its a great way to get to know people from all walks of life. But do tell them where you live so they can expect the book to take time to arrive.
  • Work out your postal kinks.
    Map out things like, when you can post books, how far the post office is from your home, how much postage costs and what are the postage options and delivery times.
    Once you’ve armed yourself with this information, you’ll never have an issue with mooching.
    I’ve also noticed that people are very well-behaved and polite on Bookmooch. Till date, I’ve had really good experiences with people
    willing to understand legitimate delays on my side for posting, etc. Many people are also willing to wait for the book to arrive, so you can try surface postage which works out to be a cheaper postage option.
  • Pack well!!
    Never underestimate the power of good packing.Not only does it ensure that the book reaches the reciepient in a good condition.
    It also ensures, that people leave a good feedback for you on your profile. Yes, BM has a feedback system too. I think that’s only fair,
    as this helps judge whom to mooch from.
  • Fill up your Bio page.
    Write up your Bio. Of course, no one wants to know about the bowel movements(sry..) of your pet cat, but do write relevant
    information about yourself. The fact that you have a cat, or any other pet, if you smoke, should be mentioned, because people may have allergies to them.
    Also it helps connect the viewer(potential moocher)to the person behind the account, so that you’re not just a username, you’re a real person!
  • Make friends
    Take time out to say hello to the people you meet on BM. 99.9% of them are wonderful individuals. But respect the person’s privacy and never share out their address/email.
  • Communicate
    People on BM are individuals just like you. Remember the’ve given you their hard-earned points. Value that, and tell them the real situation with their books.
    If its delayed, be upfront and tell them that politely. Most of them will understand, as they themselves would have gone through it at some point of time.
    If not, at the very least they’ll cancel the request. There’s nothing more frustrating than a person who accepts your mooch, and refuses to communicate.

Hope all this information helps. Happy BookMooching.

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3 Responses to Do you Book Mooch?

  1. darabuc says:

    I started some three monts ago and now I’m a convinced moocher as well. I think your introduction is clear and helpful and I’d encourage everybody to have a try.

  2. Aparna says:

    Thanks for explaining about Book Mooch. I live in Goa, and here we do not have many libraries. Such a site woould be very helpful. I love to read books and travel. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I blog about my travels in India at :
    If possible, please check it out.

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