Beautiful Goa… Yes,But for how long??

I was emailed a link by a good pal of mine this morning. Going through the contents of the website was heartrending and definitely blood boiling. 


It is a known fact that Goa, the tiny pearl of the Orient has been acclaimed the world over for its scenic beauty and historic landmarks.
However, with every passing year, this beautiful land of peace, love and religious harmony has been changing rapidly.
The corruption and Greed of wealthy NRI’s and Indian merry makers has resulted in a rape of this beautiful land.
Do check out this link for more,
Rajan P. Parrikar has done an excellent job of showcasing the horror of this our beautiful land.Being a Goan myself, and feeling the same sense of anger and despair as Rajan himself, I call out to all Goans,near and far, and to all those good people who may have visited this beautiful place,and have an affiliation and a liking for Goa,to do your bit in this our latest struggle of Good v/s evil. lets join Our voices in saying “STOP!!
I whole heartedly support the Goa Bachao Abhiyan (the Save Goa campaign) ,Hope you do to.


To repeat Rajan in a final word; “Has the sun set on goa??”
I Sincerely hope not. 

Thanks to Rajan Parrikar,All pictures are his own.

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