Tommorrow is Carnival day!


Yeay, finally their ready. 

I’ve been painting 6 peices for the Corporate Sustainibility Carnival at HSBC(my office) premises tommorrow.

Its lovely to see the appreciation from my collegues. I love having the air of an artist 🙂

All funds raised in the CS Carnival are to be donated to Prerna Special School for handicapped children.
I hope my paintings sell for big bucks, so the kids can get a big big hug from me.
All the proceeds from the sale of my paintings also goes towards the fundraiser.

 Oh I’m so excited, I even have my own stall. “Creative Wings”
 Last year I had made a couple of poster’s to decorate the stalls, but this year I’m much more involved.
 Check out Last year’s posters.
 Also last year, I’d won a T-shirt painting competition, and donated the proceeds from the sale of that to the charity.
 Check out Last year’s Tee.
 Will post the pictures of the new paintings and loads of happenings that go on tommorrow!
 Wish me luck!!

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