My Paintings!!

My paintings for the CS Carnival tommorrow;

1. Lonely Docks

A lonely forgotten docks ravaged by the sea, and forgotten by time.

Picture 002


2. Gold Teapot Still Life

A reproduction of my Mom’s favorite Teapot.

Picture 003


3. Still Waters run deepPicture 004


4. Vineyard and windmillPicture 007

5. Lonely Tree and Mr.Cloud

Picture 008

6. Lady and her guitar

Picture 010

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5 Responses to My Paintings!!

  1. Prashant Nagar says:

    Amazing Paintings Marie… And i love them all !!! All the best ..!!!

  2. Hima Bindu says:

    Too good yaaa.. You have really really done a rocking job. Love your paintings.

  3. Reply by Arvind via email:

    hey the paintings are awesome and what is better than that is the CAUSE…

    am so proud of u…

    the lonely docks is simply awesome!!!!!
    lonely tree and Mr. cloud is great too…

    but why is everything lonely, even the house, windmill, teapot and the lady….
    is it by any chance reflecting u!!! or do u paint only when u feel lonely…

    i just love the way u have used the colours….
    great keep it going,

    and all the best for the fund raiser..

  4. Reply by Ravi via email:

    Nice Paintings dear…. U r always THE best….

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