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I’m right – My gloat post.

Turns out I was right (but obvious!) about some of my musings 1. Doodling rules! Its actually proven to be a great way to improve concentration, and has been suggested as a tool to improve retention especially in long boring … Continue reading

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Getting Emo – The not-so-new fad that’s rocking India.

 Tears. A brilliant ploy. It’s also the latest (not-so-much) in thing in Mod India today.This is the one place where complete OTT (over the top) expressions of grief are considered a norm. It’s downright embarrassing to us emotionally impaired types. … Continue reading

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Differences between…

Cynicism and Sarcasm. Some people may think its the same thing. Having a sneering disbelief for things, people etc. Being cynical is when you do it on the inside, in your mind. Being sarcastic is when you let it come … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Law – Pessimism or Optimism extreme?

For the uninitiated, Murphy was an engineer according to the popular adage, and one day, upon noticing that his apprentice had wired certain things wrong, he famously announced “If anything can go wrong, that fellow will find it”. As he … Continue reading

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Small Poem of thanks

Monday, after a rather un-eventful weekend, I’ve decided to resurrect an old poem. A song of thanks, something, I think we should do a tad more often.   I just wanna say, I think of you everyday, And you’ll always … Continue reading

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