Top 10 Amazing Rock Singers.

A compilation of the Top 10 Men in Rock and Heavy Metal, whose talent is beyond belief, but who also look the part.
Criteria: Good Looks, Stage Personality,Talent, Overall Drool worthiness.


Name: Axl Rose

Band(s) played for: Guns and Roses(GNR)

Noted for: Notorious for disrespecting fans, prone to temper tantrums, Aquarian Rock star as temperamental as his sunsign.

Mojo: Flowing long hair, dreamy voice and eyes, noted bad boy with a girly attitude.

Song to watch: Sweet Child O’ Mine – GNR


Name: Dave Grohl
Band(s) played for: Foo fighters, Nirvana

Noted for: Originally noticed for his amazing drumming, this multi talented Capricorn showed his diverse talents by writing and leading the Foo fighters.

Mojo: Manly with an earthy presence, amazing vocals with just a the right touch of the growl. Grrr…

Song to watch: The Pretender – Foo Fighters


Name: Anthony Kiedis
Band(s) played for: Red Hot Chilli Peppers (RHCP)

Noted for: Energetic stage presence, Ability to mix rap while still maintaining melody this Scorpio oozes sensuality while keeping the audience clued in to his music, drug addictions.

Mojo: Well Toned body, Agility, Extremely unique voice

Song to watch: Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers


Name: Ozzy Osbourne
Band(s) played for: Black Sabbath

Noted for: The Prince of darkness himself,this British born Sagittarius is no stranger to controversy, known for his bat-eating, potty mouthed,on and off-stage antics.

Mojo: Dark looks than span 4 decades, a voice that could hypnotize and a personality to match

Song to watch: Close My Eyes Forever – Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford


Name: James Hetfield
Band(s) played for: Metallica

Noted for: Co-founder of one of the most successful Heavy Metal band in History, this Leo leads with the ferocity of a Lion.

Mojo: Deep seductive voice, Love of tatoos including one which shows flames encasing four cards, – ace (1), 9, 6 and 3 – representing the year of his birth.

Song to watch: Whiskey in the Jar- Metallica


Name: Alexi Laiho
Band(s) played for: Children of Bodom, Sinergy

Noted for: Hailed for being one of the 50 fastest guitarists in the world, this extremely talented Aries dude, takes it to the next level with his awesomeness.

Mojo: As a tribute to Ozzy, he has HATE tattoed on his fingers, Head banging with amazing hair, even amazing ability to get sounds out of his guitar that weren’t thought possible, Dark goth look.

Song to watch: Trashed, Lost & Strungout – Children of Bodom


Name: Dave Mustaine
Band(s) played for: Megadeth, Metallica

Noted for: Bad boy notorious for his drinking problems, a much publicized split from Metallica got this Virgo hottie on his feet, and he founded an equally iconic heavy thrash metal band, now giving him equal footing, and securing his place in Metal history.

Mojo: Flowing curls, Gripping voice, Piercing eyes, Known for his outspoken stage persona.

Song to watch: Tout Le Monde – Megadeath


Name: Kurt Cobain
Band(s) played for: Nirvana

Noted for: Single handedly responsible for introducing the world to grunge, this aquarian bordered on brilliance and depression. OD on drugs.

Mojo: Boyish good looks, dreamy voice, Slit and torn jeans, Raw beauty indeed – but too damaged.
RIP Kurt.

Song to watch: Man who sold the world – Nirvana


Name: Chris Cornell
Band(s) played for: Soundgarden,Audioslave

Noted for:His wide four-octave vocal range, this Cancerian idol is also famous for his powerful vocal belting technique.

Mojo: Smooth good looks, Hypnotizing Grey-Blue eyes, Slithery stage persona, a voice that could lead you to sin.

Song to watch: Show me how to live – Audioslave


The Lizard King himself.

Name: Jim Morrison
Band(s) played for: The Doors

Noted for:One of the most popular and influential singers/writers in rock history, this saggitarius god had the whole package,surly, scandalous and mysterious.

Mojo: He stands heads and shoulders above the rest. In fact, he sets the standard for the rest of the list. The man oozes sexiness, from his leather pants to his pouty lips. He even passes out on stage sexy. Not everyone can pull that off.

Song to watch: Light my fire – The Doors

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2 Responses to Top 10 Amazing Rock Singers.

  1. Yurena says:

    Hey Marie! It is Yurena, also a Bookmooch member 🙂 (you sent me White Oleander a few months ago). Just dropping by to say hello and I find this post on gorgeous men who happen to be talented as well, lucky me! 😉
    Have you listened to Chris Cornell’s version of Billie Jean? It is simply amazing, he’s got such a good voice.
    I thought I was the only one finding Dave Grohl attractive! glad to see that’s not the case.

    • Hey Yurena,
      I remember you! How you doing? How’d u find the book btw..?
      Thanks for the sweet comments on my post. I’d love to blog more than I have time for you know..
      Anyhows, Love to hear from u..
      Keep in touch.

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