Google Buzz – Boon or Bane?

I checked out my mail account today, and stumbled on something rather neat. Or as one would call it buzzing.
Yup thats right, I’m talking about Google Buzz. The (now so-familiar-that-a-five-year-old-knows-what-it-is) search giant Google is now trying to go head to head with other greats like Twitter and Facebook.
Google Buzz offers a way of keeping contacts up to date with your current status, in much the same way as the other two sites.Google Buzz has just been rolled out and is to be an integrated part of Gmail accounts.
Not only that, Google claims its easier to connect with people while using an integrated approach towards others site, G-users generally use such as Flickr,etc.

But is it all that its hyped up to be? There seems to be one issue, your Buzz friends list is public by default.
This means that the people you converse with using G-talk or G-conversations, is now public knowledge.Although Google says that buzz is an application of choice,
nowhere is it mentioned about this massive privacy flaw.

But also what worth mentioning is the almost similiar product, the G-wave.Some of the features of Buzz and Wave are so similar, its thought provoking, as why two separate products?
Both services are supposed to help you create conversations and give you a richer experience around Web-based media like videos, images ,and regular text.

I wonder if Google Buzz will impact, or make a dent in the traffic to Social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter.
Guess we’ll have to wait and watch. Do let me know what you think. Would you enable buzz, and log off Facebook?
I’d say I’d wait until Mafia wars or Farmville is available on the G- platform.
Check out Google Buzz on the G-Blog

Try Buzz here

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