LoLA Kutty and Alex!

“Lola Kutty Lola Kutty,

 What is thy name?

From kashmir to kanyakumari,

you bring the Mallu community,

Absolutely no shame!”


Tis but a few lines penned down by me to lola, after all I am her biggest fan,So who is Lola? And where did she come from?? Read On:


“MAY I haouve your yedention pleez?”, she thunders from a loudspeaker, perched on a satellite. “Will the real Lola Kutty please stend up? Please stend up.” Actors at a movie shoot look up, startled, and a hapless boom mike man gets pelted with a coconut. Welcome to the weird, wild, and self-consciously wacky world of Lola TV.

Lola Kutty, a.k.a Channel [V]’s “beauty on duty”, is the latest addition to the channel’s long roster of parody characters. The bespectacled, mallipoo-sporting, heavily (“Malayali”) accented Lola even has her own show — Celebrity Forum/Lola TV— in which she plays interviewer to assorted Bollywood personalities.


Lola is not your ordinary VJ who wears mini skirts and sports weird hairstyles. NO NO. She is always clad in kanjeevaram sarees of bright colours, doesn’t believe in contact lenses (that explains her glasses), wears flowers on her back curly hair and no, she is not the South Indian version of Jassi. She is hot and sexy, die hard fan of Abhishek Bachhan, she is a beauty on duty. Meet Lola Kutty straight from Mallu land with accent and all, Channel V’s not so new VJ with loads of attitude.


Lola also has her Robin — a curly-haired fella named Alex, whose wardrobe apparently comprises only sparkly fluorescent shirts. “He used to be in my village. He didn’t do much, so his wife asked my mother if I could take him along to Mumbai. Even my mother said, Lola, he can help you, be your bodyguard. What bodyguard I don’t know, he’s totally useless.” Her assistant Alex, dressed in shining shirts, white lungi folded up and matching slippers (He actually wears pink slippers if he is wearing a pink shirt) is ever ready to please the guests, offering banana chips and coconut water.

But unlike predecessors like Aunty 303 and Quick Gun Murugan whose funniness came for the most part from their very identities (chaste Tamilian western hero; mummy by day, crime fighter by night),
Lola herself is quite conventional (though rumour has it that she turns into a London-trained actress when she takes off her glasses). Her incongruity is her vocation itself — simply the fact that she’s a VJ.


Will she get a makeover one day like Jassi did? She doesn’t need one, but it is very obvious she is putting on an act. She denies there is another person behind that mask and that is the real her.
She and Jassi were on an interview with Pooja Bedi On Zoom TV. Jassi had come as herself, Mona Singh.
This is how it went, if I remember clearly

Pooja: Jassi Jaisi?

Lola : Koi Nahi

Mona: Koi Nahi

Lola : Where did I hear that before?


Pooja: Lola Jaisi?

Lola : Koi to hoga

Mona : Koi Nahi


Pooja: Alex or Armaan?

Lola : Arman definitly.

Who wants Alex?

Mona : Arman.


Pooja : Any words of wisdom for your fans?

Lola : One man’s beard is another man’s Velcro

Mona : Giggles and blabbers something.


As you can see, this was unscripted and Lola proved to be the funnier of the two. I wonder why Jassi is more popular (or is she?)Whether the show is a hit or not, Lola has a long way to go and I am a her biggest fan.

Run Lola Run. Er I mean GO Lola GO!


Quotable Quotes from Lola’s Kitty

“One man’s beard is another man’s velcro.” (in an interview with Pooja Bedi on zOOm)

“Men just have to make a pass at a woman in spectacles.”


“You can never be too rich or too thin!”

“Always remember that fish in the curry is worth 2 in the sea!”


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3 Responses to LoLA Kutty and Alex!

  1. Agn! Sharman says:

    Will The Real LOLA KUTTY please stand up!

    LOLA KUTTY TV is one of the few shows I keep stumbling upon when I surf channels with our 3 months old 28th TV remote controller in 5 years.

    Also a reason why I still keep paying for TATA SKY subscription (huh! you believed it?)

  2. bharatonline says:

    man i left watching TV way back in 2001 when the K serials started, but recently when i got enlightened about the great personality of Lola Kutty i am now regretting why i left watching TV and missed all the lola stuff?

    i am searching for the vids of lola on the internet, but unable to locate them except for youtube, which is not worth downloading (deteriorated quality). i request you to post links to her vids if you find them…

  3. Contact Lens says:

    The Media Manager finds the music on your computer, reads the song information, and tells Lola what music you have to play.

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