A pressure of darkness all around,
And though I thought I was safe and sound,
Reality hits me like a crashing wave,
I take a moment to stop and pray.
The emotion wells up deep inside,
Loneliness covers me from side to side,
Hope lies in my saviour’s eyes,
I feel his presence and long for it tonite.
Hurt caused by evil, Desire of might,
Apathy is all around,
We live in a world,
Covered with hatred and spite.
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1 Response to Dejected.

  1. Anonymous says:

    don get so worked up booo , always look out for the better furute , u know n trust me its definitely gonna be a promosing n a happy one … all these hurdles r put forth before us by "HIM" n thou shall pass them as they appear .. i know givin free advice can be given by any tom , dick n harry .. but whereit comes to is the implementation part n that can only be felt by the one who is undergoin dat stress … wat i wanna say s dis baby dat no matter heppens mad maad ll always be there for u thru thunderstorm & lightnin nights as well those bright & springful mornings ..

    mad maad!!!!

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