Getting Emo – The not-so-new fad that’s rocking India.

 1214707_emo_signsTears. A brilliant ploy. It’s also the latest (not-so-much) in thing in Mod India today.This is the one place where complete OTT (over the top) expressions of grief are considered a norm.

It’s downright embarrassing to us emotionally impaired types. Not that we’re hard hearted or anything, but in a billion plus population of moist weepy people, there’s a few thousand of us, shuffling our feet looking at our toes.

 What brought on this rant is twofold.


My mom refusing to give me the remote. I wanted to watch a nice intelligent English movie (starring Brad Pitt who ages backward!)

But oh no! Apparently one of Ekta Kapur’s [Ed:- Queen bee producer of Indian Daytime Soap opera] K [Ed:- Most of today’s Indian television soaps start with the initial K, which has its uses in numerology and astrology] saga’s was about to take a dramatic turn. 

Marie: “But ma, doesn’t it always end dramatically?”

Marie’s ma: “Just let me watch ok, the lead lady’s husband was run over by a truck the last time.”

Marie: “But didn’t he die like, months ago?”

Maries Ma: “No, it turns out he didn’t die, he was missing, and it was someone else’s body they found.”

Marie :< Rolls eyes> “Whatever”.


 Unable to watch the movie, starring the man of my dreams. I called up a couple of my Buds. BIG mistake.

I got dragged to this Salman Khan – Ajay Devgan starrer. “London Dreams”.Boy, what a tear-jerker! I mean 2 grown men (well-muscled and mean) crying all over the place. And that’s not all.

We’re not satisfied with keeping in the house (so-to-speak), we’re so proud of our senti-mentality, we’re taking it global.Don’t believe me, watch London Dreams if you dare. The Bad boy versus good boy culminates on centre stage of the world famous Wembley stadium, and mid-concert no less.  

I know whose laughing all the way to the bank. Its all the obscure hanky (handkerchief) manufacturing companies.[Ed:- Tissue papers are considered a waste of money in India, seemingly environmental friendly, the use of handkerchiefs is widespread].

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