Marie and the art of motor mouth maintenance


Uncomfortable silences.

What do I know about them? Nothing at all.


Have you ever faced someone whom you really want to impress and have them reply back in mono-syllables? Or even worse, not reply at all?

Now I have a real problem with that kind of man (woman) kind. I really can’t get on board with “Oh, I just don’t talk that much. Or “He/She’s the silent type”.

To me humans were meant to communicate. And if the person sitting opposite won’t then damn it, I Will!! which brings me back to my first point.

Uncomfortable silences.

I have yet to learn what the socially acceptable way of dealing with them is. The problem is I talk way too much, which is okay in a conversation between two normal people (read, non-silent), but when combined with the I-speak-if-I-have-to kind, it’s a lethal combination, often leading to the total annihilation of all my dignity.

Why you ask, because, I blabber, plain and simple. I have a need to fill uncomfortable silences with the sound of my own gurgling voice.


Silent one: <Silence>

Marie: <Stare> <Silence> <Thinks, Gosh is that my watch ticking?>

Silent one: <Silence>

Marie: um..

Silent one: <Looks generally in Marie’s direction> <Silence>

Marie: Did you know that penguins are birds, but they can’t fly?

Silent one: <Raised Eyebrow> <Silence>

Marie: No. really, they are excellent swimmers though. But evolution…<blabber  Blabber  BLAAABBER>  They can’t fly.

Silent one: <Silence>

Marie :< mildly sweating> you know who else can’t fly? Cocks.

…Cock crows in the distance. Marie is on the verge of blowing her brains out .

See what I mean, it’s terrible. I say lets round ‘em up and brand ‘em, at least we’ll stand a fighting chance. Us blabberers. 🙂

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