Book Review – The Missing~Chris Mooney

Cover of "The Missing: A Thriller"Cover of The Missing: A Thriller

My first Book Review!! Read on..
Title: The Missing

Author: Chris Mooney

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Crime Investigation.

ISBN: 9780141030852

The woman missing for 5 years. The CSI who finds her. And the Serial Killer who wants them both dead!

The book begins brilliantly with the portrayal of the CSI’s past. The reader is drawn to believe that author wants to flesh out the character(The heroine in a lead role ..) before coming to the actual case, It is only much later in the book that one finally understands the relationship between the CSI’s past traumatic experience and the current case.

The book is amazingly written with surprises at every turn, and one has to keep turning the page with much anticipation as you are literally not prepared for what happens next.

The author has chosen to portray a complex blend of emotions that one faces when a person is faced with tragedy. Here the heroine watches as her mother fades away to cancer, tries to find the link between the killer and the missing women and the raving, emancipated woman that was discovered, all the while carrying the baggage of her past experience and brush with murder.

“He came for me, not for her”

Read When: You want your heart pounding and when you want a quality read.

My Rating: 4/5

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