Of shuffles and Stones

Apple iPod shuffle Vs Creative Zen stone

Creative Zen Stone
Apple iPod Shuffle

Weell, this all started when my beloved mp3 player(creative muvo 128MB..yea..yea i kno..sentimental value counts too,,PUH-LEASE!) went bust.
So, I now needed a new plyer to take on my walks, talks and basically to fill up any free time I can possibly have.(majorly at the office ..shush!)

U’d think that it would be easy? THINK AGAIN!

Well, it started of with me thinking of getting an ipod. I mean , it really is a fashion statement these days.But then again, I loved my creative and the sound quality it gave me was totally awesome!
So i came upon a competition, in my head it was ipod shuffle vs Zen stone.
Should I change my loyalties from Creative to Apple?
But the Zen was much better looking in BLACK! in Ipod i would have to settle for pink(thats too kinda CHICK-ish..I am a chick but im mre like a dude chick, boy chick..if-you-kno-what-I-Mean).
But its a freaking IPOD..really makes me a diva overnite wouldnt u say??

hmm…so to sort out the dillemma in my head, i turned to google.(i did mention I’m a googler rite?).
Well, turns out, google wasnt all that helpful anyways….Here’s what the world had to say on my dilemma.

Happy Reading!
And nothing is sexier than glossy white plastic that can do something with sound and electricity!
I always thought an mp3 player with no screen was flat-out retarded….still do.
Itunes is terrible. People like it and the ipod because the products limit what you can do to about 5 things, making choices very simple: “I can listen to these songs from itunes in this order…or…I can rearrange the order now….but not while listening. I mean, who doesn’t know what order they want to listen to ahead of time. Don’t you want to be like me, I have white earphones.”
Creative products are sooo much more powerful. Fashionistas can have their ipods. I prefer purchasing items for their form/fit/function.
I still wouldn’t buy an mp3 player without a screen.
My zen V plus rocks tho!!

Creative products are sooo much more powerful. Fashionistas can have their ipods. I prefer purchasing items for their form/fit/function.
Sooo, you’ve replaced irrational loyalty to one brand with irrational loyalty to another?
I tire of people telling me that player x is better than the ipod. I don’t care. Oooh you can get such better sound quality with your device? Wonderful, too bad you can’t percieve a difference. Ooooh I can get a player with twice the capacity for less? Don’t care, I only have half of my 20 GB full and a large portion of that is podcasts that I have already heard.
They have sold 100 million ipods, they must have done something right. Of course it is not the best player, but again, I don’t care. I want a player that can do 2 things, play music and look cool. I don’t need a tiny device to play games on. I don’t need to connect to the internet on a device with at 2 inch screen.
You non-iPod fanboys sound exactly the same about your mp3 players as the apple fanboys sound about their computers: “Product x has sold a ton of units. I bought product y because I’m smart and I know what makes a product great. All you people who bought product x are fools because you don’t see the benifits of product y. I’m special. Look at me! I define myself by the products I purchase!”
BY JEFF_MCAWESOME ~in reply to spengolly

I want a player that can do 2 things, play music and look cool.
This little Zen just falls into this category, and for half the price. It seems, you kicked yourself from behind 😀
And yes, iTunes is a very good music player … if you did not used other music players. Ever.
BY COOPER~in reply to Jeff_McAwesome

Check it out

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2 Responses to Of shuffles and Stones

  1. claytonia vices says:

    To me function certainly comes first. I would not buy a 23k N-series Nokia if all I need to do is to talk with people. Gizmos with more fasion value than function are good for ppl who need to feel important simple becoz it hyped as being cool…

  2. claytonia vices says:

    And I am a big fan of CREATIVE. Where could you get a 4.1 speakers of such amazing quality for just 3.5k rupees??

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