Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Today I was posed the age old dilemma.
Which came first? “The chicken or the egg?”

So as usual, I decided to ‘Google’ it out.(Googling is officially my hobby and it is a word!)
Here are the results.Its all rather tongue in cheek.
CNN states the scientists at University of Nottingham as siding with the EGG.

(Score 1 for EGG!)
Check it out

Religion insists,Twas the chicken(which god created, dummy!)

(CHICKEN scores 1!)
Check it out

“The chicken or the egg – which came first?” “The chicken” came first – in the sentence of the question.
If the question is phrased differently, the answer is different.
(Naw, Thats no help at all.Bummer.)

Darwinism states it was the chicken… (Isn’t science and evolution hand -in hand?I used to think so.Excuse my ignorance.)

(Anyways, SCORE2 for chicken)
Check it out

If you’re an evolutionist, then eggs have existed ever since animal sexual reproduction evolved.

(Now i’m Baffled.SCORE2 for the EGG)
Check it out

So lets see,<Drum Roll> The scores are:
2 for egg.2 for chicken.Does that solve it ? No it doesn’t.

My take on it?
What you order in a restaurant, first, will off course come first. But then again, If you’re in India, you can get served something altogether different.
Which leaves me,Where? AHEM! Excuse me I’ve done enough thinking. Now I’m off to save the world.

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