Maiden -EDD FEST!

Iron Maiden in the flesh!! Too good to miss…How’s life pst concert?? Well it sucks…Thats just how great it was. Well as far as the concert goes, Edd-Fest was not a bad start.For the first heavy metal gig in india, palace grounds sure rocked.
35,000 people lined up to see the rock gods alive and kicking and all the blood rush to the head after head banging was worth it.
The concert started of with Campus Rock Idols winners FTN(F* The Name).They were mediocre considering people were there to watch Maiden.
Following them came Parikrama.Now I’ve watched them before and let me tell you they really are a blessing to the ears. Music and jamming up of various instruments come naturally to these guys.Some notable numbers played were Whiskey Blues.

Especially good was the violonist. The lead Singer even sang a tribute to Frodo and his epic journey to mordor(LOTR).As a huge LOTR fan myself this was a great treat!

Close on their heels came Lauren Harris, The daughter of Maiden’s Steve Harris. Now the gal may have his name, but she comes nowhere close to the legend himself, and the brand of Barbie Doll Rock did not go down well with the audience.
Cries of”Maiden…Maiden!!” were heard all around, een whie she was singing! Poor gal, what a waste of time.

But all that was forgotten when the Gods Of Heavy Metal took centre stage. The feverish excitement of the crowd was almost palpable. And they sure did not dissappoint.Bruce and the boys put on a Splendid performance.IM played for approxamately 1hr 45 minutes but it felt like a life time.Some numbers they performed were Number of the beast, Fear of the dark,Hallowed be thy name,etc..

On the whole, I had to be dragged away from the venue after the show. To recap the words of Bruce “It took us 17 years to play in India, but you wont have to wait another 17 years, not even 17 months to have another performance, becoz We will be BACK! Bangalore has been one of the best audiences we’ve played to in Years!!”
Kudos to that!Hopefully this makes way for more heavy metal/rock performances in India.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Here is the set list as I remember it:
Set 1 .
1 Different World
2 These Colors Don’t Run
3 Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
4 Wrathchild
5 The Trooper
6 The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
7 For The Greater Good of God
8 The Number of The Beast
9 Fear of The Dark
10 Run To The Hills
11 Iron Maiden

Set 2
12 2 Minutes To Midnight
13 The Evil That Men Do
14 Hallowed Be Thy Name

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2 Responses to Maiden -EDD FEST!

  1. freak says:

    Edd-Fest was great, i loved all the performances except lauren hariss’ .
    yes it does mean that i liked the Indian Campus Rock Idols. I liked the way they sung “you’ll single say fuck that” of Korn. Maybe poor guys were at the wrong place as everyone was waiting for maiden whom no one else could have sufficed.

  2. dinu says:

    hey… cool post on edd-fest … i was tightly scheduled last week… therefore mine is delayed… will post it soon… check that out as well… scepultura n aerosmith are on tour to india… and also rumours abt metallica… n if u want dream theater to play in india… u gatta demand them on there site… rock on

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